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Forage: Products


All of the grass that is grown at Ash Farm is specifically grown with the different equine disciplines in mind. Each year the grass is ripped up and replanted to ensure that the best quality hay or haylage is produced. During the year there will be a number of soil samples taken to ensure the right fertiliser is used to improve the end result that we set out to produce.

We mainly grow Italian ryegrass as this suits the majority of the clients that we have but as well as this we also grow a lot of meadow grass for the ones that don't need such high quality hay.

The majority of the hay is small bales in barron packs of 21 bales but we also offer big bales.



Just like the Hay, the Haylage that is produced is mainly grown with the different customers needs in mind. We mainly produce Italian ryegrass in big 6 string bales. Each bale is carefully wrapped with 10 layers to stop the bales getting damaged and then air getting into them.


- We supply lots of straw either in big bales or small bales in the bale barron pack with 21 bales in each one.

- We produce both Wheat and Barley straw.



We offer a delivery service and can also provide a truck mounted forklift to reach the hard places.

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