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Forage: Products


Cotswold forage understand the huge importance in any animals diet and that our customers need a supplier they can trust. Huge amounts of research and development goes in to the crops that we grow.

 Our grass is replanted when the time is right to ensure that the best quality hay or haylage is produced. During the year there will be a number of soil samples taken to ensure the right fertiliser is used to improve the end result that we set out to produce.

We grow lots of different varieties of grass each tailored to the clients that we have. Whether you require a high protein Italian rye grass or a lower grade meadow we will be able to assist you in providing what you require.

Our small bale hay is baled using a bale barrow machine packing the small bales into packs of 21 bales. Meaning storage and handling is very easy for us and our customers.



Haylage is slowly becoming the go to forage for the majority of our customers. 
Like the hay we have lots of different grades of haylage to offer our clients. 
Haylage can be very high energy yielding and very good for those competition horses that require a large amount of protein.
We have a range of different size bales to offer and can be delivered on pallets to make it easy for transporting about.


We bale lots of straw each year either in big bales or small bales in the bale baron pack with 21 bales in each one.

We supply wheat and barley to different customers with benefits for both.



Using our wide range of vehicles we have we offer a delivery service. Should your access be quite limited we have smaller vehicles to offer.  Our bigger vehicles have the advantage of being able to carry a forklift to help unload.

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