Testimonial - Ben Pauling

"It was quite clear as soon as we started using Cotswold Forage and Natural Flake that it was the way forward, not only are they very competitive on price the quality is always there"


Testimonial - Richard Hughes

"Steve and Ollie’s service to the yard is 100% and we need it to be that way"


Testimonial - Olly Murphy

"I would highly recommend Cotswold Forage and their bedding to any trainer or other equine profession"

Olly Murphy review_edited_edited.jpg

Testimonial - Oliver Sherwood

"I’ve been very happy with the quality of the straw and the hay and they turn up when we want them to"


Testimonial - Matt Nicholls Assistant trainer to Kim Bailey

"They are clean, easy to use dust free and would recommend them to anyone"

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